Friday, October 3, 2008

Accessory Organization

I don't know about you, but I have a crapload of accessories. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hats, scarves, sunglasses, headbands... The list goes on. Well, until recently, I had no way of organizing all of these accessories. They were shoved here or there or haphazardly tossed into a drawer. Necklaces were tangled around the neck of the bust of Athena on my desk. Earrings were scattered about inside of my purse, dresser drawers, on the nightstand, or wherever else I had peeled them off my ears and decided to leave them. See here:
And here:
(beautiful, no?) ha!

Well one day I happened upon Javy's blog, Scarlet Empress, and found that she had discovered an awesome way to organize accessories. Longstem makes a wall/door mountable jewelry and accessory organizer that holds hundreds of your favorite pieces without taking up drawer or counter space! After reading about how pleased Javy was with her purchase, I decided to buy the same product.

Most jewelry organizers are stand alones that offer a way to organizer either only earrings (taking up counter/table space), or the tall jewelry boxes will organize rings/bracelets/necklaces in little drawers (taking up floor space). Those items typically sell for $40 to $200. The item I purchased was $64 with shipping. It took less than a week to arrive and was incredibly easy to assemble. The pieces just snap together!

After putting my new purchase together and hanging it on the door, I had to dig through my draw of accesories and find everything in order to get it on my door mounted organizer. It took me awhile, but eventually I got everything out and onto the organizer. I LOVE IT!I was able to get my necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, sunglasses, headbands, and hats on there with room to spare. As I was hanging my earrings upon the organizer, it became increasingly obvious that I am missing a few of my favorite pairs. My electric guitar earrings, for example. They are totally MIA. *sigh*

The only complaint I have is that the organizer with all the accessories on it makes quite a racket when opening and shutting the door. The necklaces swing against the door when moved, assuring that anyone who might have been asleep when you opened/closed the door will no longer be sleeping by the time you finish. Also, the brackets that go on top of/over the door prevent the door from being closed without using a little more force than what one might typically need to shut a regular bedroom door. I may solve these issues by moving the organizer to the closet door, or clearing off some wall space and attaching it to the wall with the included wall mounts.

All in all, I'd say this was worth the money. I love having extra drawer space and the ability to find all my accessories with just one glance! Again, the organizer is from Longstem Products and can be found on here on eBay.

Until next time lovers,


Friday, September 26, 2008

Mission Statement and all that jazz.

Ladies (and gentlemen?)! Welcome to the wild and weird world of yours truly. I am Stephanie (or Steph as I prefer to be called), your eccentric host/blogger/makeup connoisseur.

I like adore love AM OBSESSED WITH cosmetics/hair. I believe in mascara (and lots of it) and eyeliner. I believe in eye makeup that makes people say "OMG! How did you do that?". I believe in funky hair colors, fun hair cuts, and wearing fauxhawks and liberty spikes to concerts (yes, I have done these things...multiple times).

Wanna learn some makeup techniques? Have a desire to experiment with funky colors? Feel the urge to listen to me babble on about everything and anything? Well you are in luck. Oh yes, YOU. ARE. IN. LUCK. Why you ask? I plan on doing just those things and more. Right here at this blog even. Makeup reviews, application techniques, tutorials, hair-do how-to's, and general tomfoolery will all happen right here. RIGHT HERE! Oh the excitement!

All I ask is that you:

1.) Participate when I ask for feedback
2.) Don't judge me on my lack of blogging skills. (I am, you might say, a "blogging virgin")

Easy peasy, no?

That's what I thought.

Mmmkay. This is the time when I have to give a lil' shout out to my love-bug and best friend in the whole wide world: Kittie Mau Mau!

I can hear you thinking "Who is this 'Kittie Mau Mau' character?" Well, Kittie is my shadow. She's my snugglebuddy. She's a shoulder to cry on. She loves me unconditionally. And she's my dog!
Kittie is a black/tan/white (black tri) Miniature Australian Shepherd. And today is her BIRTHDAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL!!

Kittie was born on September 26th, 2001. 8 years old today. EIGHT years old. Geeze. How time flies... Why, it seems just yesterday she was this tiny ball of fluffy fur, given to me for my birthday in December of '01. Giant Christmas bow stuck atop her tiny little noggin... Oh Mau Mau, how I love you silly girl.

To celebrate this joyous occasion, I trotted my happy self down to Southlake Towne Centre and purchased some luxiourous hand-baked doggie treats from the Three Dog Bakery in Southlake,TX. Doggie Drooley Bars, Pupcakes, and a bone cookie personalized with Kittie's name in dog-friendly carob "chocolate". I should have taken a couple of pictures; those treats were so adorable and looked like something made for humans to eat. Kittie was way too excited at the prospect of gettin' down on some "people food" to allow me to grab the camera and snap some pics. She inhaled them in about 2 minutes! Of course she had to share with her sister, Zoey. We don't play favorites around here. ;]

Okay lovies, stay tuned for the next post. I'm still learning how to blog, so this should be an adventure for all of us.

Peace out until next time,