Sunday, October 11, 2009

BFTE Beauty Brigade Review #1

Hey loves! Check out what I got in the mail on Friday! How awesome is it that I was chosen to be part of Beauty From The Earth's BEAUTY BRIGADE? I'm stoked. In all honesty, I had no idea that I was even being chosen. On BFTE's facebook page, their status had said that if you received an email with a tracking number, then you'd been selected. I however, never found one of those emails in my inbox. But Friday when I got home from work, and offical BFTE package was waiting for me. Inside was a letter of instruction as well as a lipgloss and a pot of mineral blush.

First, the lipgloss. Initial thoughts? LOVE IT. Its not a color I would have picked out for myself, but I'm so glad they sent it to me. There's no name to it, and I'm not sure how to explain it to ya'll, but its kind of a neutral rose-ish color. It goes on smoothly and doesn't feel sticky at all. I was scared it would, because in the letter it is described as a product "designed for people who like the feeling of a sticky gloss". Well, I am not one of those people. I like glosses, just not sticky ones. But this is quite the opposite of sticky. I squeezed it on my lips without issue and made my lips feel hydrated and smooth. Paired with a neutral colored lip liner, the gloss is PERFECT!

However, there were a couple of negatives to this product. When I first tried to squeeze a bit out, the top portion acted as though it was going to shoot off, and trust me, I used minimal pressure. A little gloss came out the side too. I have to be extra careful when squeezing the package. It doesn't seem to last very long, but then again, I have yet to come across a gloss that lasts. I suppose that's the nature of the beast. Lastly, the smell is kind of offputting. I can't really describe it... It smells like a mixture of vaseline and.. I can't place the smell... Its like a cleaning product of some sort. Either way, not a smell I would associate with something I'd like to smear all over my mouth. Just sayin'.

I do like it. And have been using it daily since I received it and will most likely continue to use it until I run out.

I don't have a lot of experience with mineral blushes, to be perfectly honest, but I really enjoyed playing with the blush BFTE sent me. Its a little light for my complection, or perhaps I only think that because the mica make the light bounce off these chubby cheeks of mine a little more than I'm used to.

I like wearing mineral makeup on lazy days. Days when I don't feel like busting out the foundation, eyeshadow primer, or the eyelash curler. Luckily, God blessed me with huge eyes and lengthy eyelashes, so I like to play them up and go the more dramatic route makeup wise. Mineral makeup is helping me embrace the more natural look (even though I refuse to skimp on the mascara and liquid eyeliner. lol)

See what I mean about the blush not being "my color"? Seems a little too Barbie Pink for my face. Yikes... I'll probably save it for times when I go on my tanning hiatuses (yes, I tan. And YES, I know its horrible for my skin. Its like an addiction at this point - I HATE being pastey white!)

In other news, I did my first pinup photoshoot with Missy from Miss Missy's Photography last night. It was more fun than I would ever have imagined. I don't wanna go into too much detail, but I'll post some pictures up when she finishes editing them! :)

Keep on keepin' on ladies!

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