Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Love Lamp

Sit right back and I'll tell you a tale about how I got this beautiful $70 lamp that you see in this photo above for a whopping $14! That's right people, FOURTEEN MAGICAL DOLLARS!

You see, it all started one hot September afternoon when I decided to peruse the local Hobby Lobby and see what I could score. Most of you know, at least I assume you must, that Hobby Lobby rotates the items that are 50% off each week/two weeks/what have you. I stopped in and ,much to my surprise, found that this glorious week was the week the lamps were 50% off! Considering I'd been in the market for a couple of new lamps for the boudoir, I figured I'd hit the lighting jackpot! I found a GORGEOUS black and white lamp that I was absolutely certain would be perfect for my bedroom with an original price tag of $69.99. Now normally, a price like this on a lamp that wasn't encrusted with diamonds and doesn't come with a WiFi connection would have broken my heart, but I figured I could totally handle shelling out half that price for this beauty. I looked around for its mate, but it seemed as though someone had snatched it up before I could get there. Bummer, but I dealt with it. I snatched my beautiful lamp up and bounded to the register where I proudly set it on the counter. Just as the cashier was about to ring me up, I took another loving glance at my lamp and gasped! AN IMPERFECTION! ON *MY* LAMP?? Say it ain't so!

Oh but it was. A hairline fracture was smirking at me from the base of the lovely lamp.

*le sigh*

I suppose my earlier, audible gasp of horror had been loud enough to catch the attention of the manager, because she quickly carted herself over to where I was standing and asked what the problem was. I explained to her that the love of my life lamp in question was flawed and there was not another like it in the store. The tiny manager, who was much shorter than I, stood on her tippy toes and grabbed at the price tag attached to the top of the lampshade.

She pondered the price for a moment and then turned to me. "How's $14 dollars sound?"

"$14 sounds absolutely magical! Thank you"

I figure for $14, I can pretty much live with a hairline crack in the base of the lamp. She still works perfectly and is in otherwise great condition. Not to mention, she's purdy.

And that, my friends, is reason #6764 why I love Hobby Lobby.

How can you NOT love Hobby Lobby? Seriously folks, I love me some Hobby Lobby. If you're not already signed up to receive their weekly emails (that include AWESOME coupons), vacate this blog immediately and head over to the Hobby Lobby website and sign up. DO IT. Do it now.

Until next time my loves,

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