Friday, September 24, 2010

Fabulous Finds Friday: The Brass Candelabras

Lookit! Lookit! Look what I got for a whole $.99 on eBay! Darn tootin' , I sure did say ninety-nine whole cents for two brass candelabras! Technically the shipping was $10, but still, that's a heck of a deal for these things. They're HEAVY for sure. I could definitely crack a skull or two with these inflict serious bodily injury upon someone break something valuable with these things...

Why did I purchase two brass candelabras, you ask? Well, my dears, because I needed me some Halloween decorations for CHEAP that didn't LOOK cheap, ya dig? Sure, Walmart carries plastic Halloween candelabras but who wants those when you can have the real thing, hmmm? Especially when the Walmart candelabras run $14 a piece. No thanks, I'll stick to eBay.

Now, seeing as how I'm squatting at la casa de la parental units for however long, I don't actually have my own house to decorate for Halloween. But I do have my own desk/rather large cubicle at work to decorate, and decorate I shall! The problem is that brass just doesn't scream "HALLOWEEN!" to me, so I decided I'd have to DIY these babies up.

I've been home sick for the past 3 days with an inner ear virus (yup. inner ear VIRUS. I don't know either, so don't ask), which has left me completely off-kilter balance wise. No joke. I've been stumbling all over the place and having to use the wall to support me when I walk around in the mornings. Mmmm vertigo is so much fun! :| Anyways, I figured since I was stuck at home half the week, I might as well do something to occupy my time and my hands. Driving is a no-no when your balance is out of whack, so luckily I had what I needed on hand. Sandpaper, primer, and black gloss spray paint.

I started to sand paper one of the candelabras but got bored halfway through. Something about scratching up the brass offended me on some level I'll never quite be able to verbalize, so I tossed the sandpaper aside. This is probably something I'll come to regret later.

At that point I decided to move on to priming the little beasts, but just as I started to spray the candelabra I hadn't scratched to Hell, the spray primer clogged up on me and refused to work. I took this as a sign that priming just wasn't necessary (mainly because I lack patience and didn't want to put off painting for a day in which I could purchase more primer). Again, this is probably something I will regret later on.

Well, my only option at this point was to paint. And so I did.

Here's one partially finished and resting on the trampoline:

Don't worry, I didn't spray paint it while it was on the trampoline. I know better than that.

Here they both are, almost finished, RESTING on the trampoline

Almost done and lookin' so pretty...
WHAMMY! And we're done!

I apologize for the shoddy quality of that last picture. Bending over triggers the vertigo and while I love sharing my daily adventures with you, and providing up close and personal pictures, I value not vomiting all over myself a whole heckuva lot more. Nothing personal, I promise.

I think they turned out pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. What happens in a few days, I can't quite say, but for now, they look pretty good for the lack of effort I put into it. Tomorrow I'll put on a clear coat, after they've had a chance to air dry overnight. I'm excited to stuff some candles into these suckers and display them on my desk, all cob-webbed up and junk. Oh how I love Halloween.

Stay classy,


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